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Our team at Kesh Capital combines a unique variety of skill sets, focused towards one goal: To provide investors with the greatest opportunities for financial success.

Ruben Kesherim

CEO & Cofounder

A long-time investor in multifamily properties, Ruben has a wealth of experience in the real estate arena. Ruben harnesses his broad management experience towards his work in collaboration with some of the largest brokerage and equity firms as well as in the company’s daily operations. Ruben’s high standards of professionalism, integrity, and innovation reflect the company’s dedication to their uncompromising performance.

Samuel Hillelsohn

Director of Acquisitions

Samuel is a seasoned real estate investor who has been working in both  commercial and residential real estate for many years. Establishing his roots in academia, he holds an honorable degree in Finance and Business Management from Brooklyn College. This strong foundation coupled with his rich experience in real estate acquisitions and analysis, allows him to be an inspiring team leader, spearhead new acquisitions, and perform complex analysis on new projects. His creative mindset drives him to discover emerging markets that are uniquely suited for successful investment. He is at the forefront of asset management at Kesh Capital and takes the lead on all new opportunities from early negotiation to closing. Samuel is passionate about real estate investment and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience to assist and educate aspiring investors.

Sruli Prero

Acquisition Associate

Sruli joined the acquisitions team with a focus on building Kesh Capital’s portfolio and relationships. Sruli sources off-market deals by piecing together expansive market data and determining investment viability via investor and firm expectations. Prior to working at Kesh Capital, Sruli gained broad expertise in the Multi-Family industry through his experience in property management, equity sourcing, investor relations, and investment sales. Sruli’s broad multi-family background combined with his entrepreneurial spirit allow for an opportunistic perspective that is in line with the company’s mission.

Michael Bess

Acquisition Analyst

Michael’s role at Kesh Capital emphasizes a strong focus on understanding US markets from a multifamily perspective. Michael is passionate about forging long-term relationships with key partners in all aspects of real estate. His main focuses are the sourcing, analysis, underwriting, due diligence, execution, operations, and dispositions of mutli family assets. Utilizing tools such as market analysis, rent comp information, rent roll and T12 breakdowns, Michael is able to understand every component of a deal at a granular level. His intensive collaboration with local experts give him the know-how to to determine an investments viability.

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